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Growth factors treatments in Madrid Spain IMTRA Incoma Dr Enrique Galindo Andujar. Human Growth Factors - Plasma Rich in Growth Factors (PRGF) - Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)
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Monday, 27 October 2014

Growth factors IMTRA INCOMA specialized clinic in Madrid Spain Dr Enrique Galindo Andujar and his medical team

Treatment with growth factors in Madrid Spain IMTRA Incoma Doctor Enrique Galindo Andujar. Chronic tendonitis, sports injuries, cartilage injuries, fibromyalgia, myofascial syndrome, fractures and degenerative joint lesions.

Growth Factors - Basic medical information and patient guidance

Contribution of autologous growth factors in platelet-derived pathologies trauma.

Platelet Rich Plasma Treatment For Regenerative Tissue

Growth factors from your own body can help accelerate the natural process of wound healing, tissue regeneration in cases such as:

Ulcers, burns, abrasions and scars;

Fractures and fissures, cartilage (pain and degeneration);

Cracks and tears;


Degenerative or traumatic inflammation processes… etc.

What Are Growth Factors?

Growth factors are a soluble protein contained in platelets responsible for transmitting signals to the cells telling them to begin to form new tissue. This will initiate the healing process of connective tissue, the process of regeneration and repair of bone, promoting the development of new blood vessels and stimulating the wound healing process.

Where can growth factors contribute to patient healing?

Dr Enrique Galindo Andujar and the IMTRA Incoma clinic in Madrid Spain carries out treatments with growth factors in the following cases:

Chronic tendinitis
Being able to reverse in some cases local inflammatory processes and thus also reduce pain. It gives very good results in Achilles tendonitis, plantar fasciitis and epicondylitis (otherwise known as tennis elbow).

Sports injuries
Such as muscle or tendon injuries and ligament injuries of any joint, reducing downtimes of professional and amateur athletes, sportsmen and sportswomen.

Cartilage injuries
This application has been developed in recent years.

Pain trigger points
In conditions such as fibromyalgia or myofascial syndrome, where there is widespread muscle pain.

Contributing positively to the consolidation of the fractured bone.

Degenerative joint injuries
Contributing positively in the case of degenerative joint injuries.

Can Platelet rich plasma be used in my medical case?

The use of platelet rich plasma is considered as a revolution and is among the most advanced and innovative healing and tissue regeneration therapies. It can be used in many types of tissues and in many types of diseases and patients, but it should be the medical specialist who decides and who provides guidance on what is the best type of treatment for you. Ask your doctor for this revolutionary treatment and he will give you the precise details for your specific case. In the IMTRA Incoma clinic we provide medical advice to existing and new patients considering Growth Factors as a treatment option for their medical issue(s).

How are growth factors obtained?

For some time collection systems requiring specialized personnel with a number of devices that were used only by surgeons in operating rooms. Today obtaining blood plasma can be carried out by a specialist doctor or nurse, obtaining plasma under optimal conditions for use in regeneration without surgery and with very small volumes of blood compared to the old systems, in accordance with official European Union guidelines. The process starts by extracting 20ml to 40ml of blood. The blood is centrifuged to separate the blood components. After separation the extraction of plasma is carried out. When the doctor has rich plasma, he/she activates it for immediate application in the joint, tendon, wound, fracture, burn, etc. This process may last 15 to 20 minutes and the effects can be checked in a few weeks. It is recommended to undergo at least three sessions to achieve the desired effect.

Why is it a treatment method preferred by many medical specialists?

- There is no repulsion or infection of any kind.
- It is easy and almost painless to obtain from the patient.
- It can be combined with synthetic or natural materials for combined effects.

It is a medical tool that:
- provides a low rate of inflammation;
- reduces the sensation of pain;
- reduces bleeding;
- reduces healing time;
- reduces bruising;
- increases adhesion between tissues
- it is relatively very affordable; and
- takes little time in preparation and application.

Is platelet rich plasma safe?

It is plasma obtained from a small volume of blood from the patient to be treated, during surgery or just before its application. The safety of use is 100% for the same patient, preventing disease transmission and is obtained via special equipment thus avoiding external contamination.

How many infiltrations are needed?

At IMTRA Incoma we recommend three sessions, each separated by about 7 days.

Treatment with growth factors specialist clinic in Madrid Spain IMTRA Incoma with consultant Doctor Enrique Galindo Andujar and team of fully qualified medical specialists. Chronic tendinitis, sports injuries, cartilage lesions, fibromyalgia, myofascial syndrome fractures and degenerative joint lesions.

Growth Factor Therapy treatments for injuries with growth factors. Clinic in Madrid Spain Imtra Incoma Dr Enrique Galindo Andujar.
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